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                                                    Hollis Posey






                                                    Expertise:      Technology - Future - Retail

                                                    Location:       North Carolina


Hollis Posey, Chairman of Next Retail Group, is an executive,        architect, technologist, inventor, and global speaker with over three decades of experience in technology and its application in the retail industry. 


He has architected and implemented computing systems as well as corporate organizations and strategies.  He has firsthand experience in standards organizations, open source exercises, and intellectual property.


Hollis is the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Next Retail Group, LLC where he focuses on helping organizations deal with the future of retail and technology.


Hollis is a former IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer for IBM’s Retail Store Solutions Division (RSS) in Research Triangle Park, NC. He last served RSS as the program director for its consumer services initiatives and as interface to IBM’s Retail on Demand Emerging Business Opportunity (EBO). He was a member of the RSS executive team and technical lead for advanced product and research initiatives. He also directed RSS’ intellectual property and standards activities.


Hollis joined IBM in 1969 and held a variety of both technical and managerial positions in hardware and software development in his early career. Beginning as a development engineer and logic designer for industry terminals, he transitioned to software development on IBM’s pioneering first generation point-of-sale (POS) system in January, 1973. Since that early introduction to the retail industry he has been continuously engaged in the industry in a broad set of roles covering time frames that ranged from the immediate to the strategic.


Hollis is the original 4680/4690 POS system architect and founder of the JavaPOS standard. He was a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and holds a number of patents in distributed computing. He was awarded BSEE and MSEE degrees from Mississippi State University.







                                                    Daniel L Hopping






                                                  Expertise:  Technology - Future - Retail

                                                  Location:     North Carolina


Daniel Hopping is a global technology futurist, author, inventor, consultant and speaker.

With four decades of hands-on experience, Dan’s area of expertise is forecasting the impact that technology will have on the retail industry and tomorrow’s consumer.


Dan Hopping has worked with hundreds of retail companies and has been involved with dozens of retail “store of the future” projects in almost every segment of Retail. His company, Next Retail Group, works with retailers to keep them abreast of the latest technologies and how their utilization of technology affects the enterprise’s competitiveness.  The consumer is now changing faster than retailers can change their systems, making planning for change a critical function.


As a keynote speaker Dan has inspired audiences worldwide including NRF, FMI, NACS, APLA, CCFA, EHI, Euroshop, Retail Solutions UK, Retail Systems and WLA. In addition to his many speaking engagements, he is often invited to speak at University MBA programs. 


Dan has been a keynote presenter at conferences in Canada, Chile, China, England, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and. US,


Dan’s background includes a long tenure in many management roles and as retail executive consultant for IBM Corporation‘s Retail Store Solutions. He holds degrees from the Purdue University’s, Krannert School of Business in both Computer Science and Industrial Management.  While at Purdue he worked as a Systems Analyst for the University writing business management simulation games.







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